What is the need of Trend Micro Installation in System Security?

Trend Micro is a well-known and one of the best security software among antivirus and security solutions. Trend Micro offers cyberspiritual protection for the user data and PC from cyber threats.    

  •  Trend Micro offers a comprehensive range of products to help you protect your PC, smartphones, and electronic gadgets from cyberattacks running on multiple platforms.  
  • It provides complete security to the computer device and data in real time by stopping latest threats and infections.  

          ·          It provides light-weight applications did are simple to install and do renewal Because of the user friendly interface.        


To install this Trend Micro security, you can either purchase your box copy or buy online. If you do not want to go down the security and performance of your computer gadget, install Trend Micro Antivirus. Trend Micro ensures that you can keep viruses, infections, malware, and other attacks from your computer gadgets. The aftersale technical customer support service of Trend Micro AntiVirus is so genuine. Technicians are always ready to serve the customers at any moment of time.       


If you are looking for the instructions to install and renewal of Trend Micro AntiVirus in your device, just follow the steps below written. These steps are written in the following manner:     


To do the Renewal and Install of your Trend Micro do the following:

Step 1) Make sure your PC meets the desired specification.

Step 2) Download


         ·          Download the installer file to initiate the antivirus installation.

         ·          Double-tap the Full.exe to open it.

         ·          Press yes when the user account control screen comes.

         ·          Rest for the installer.

Step 3) Device Check

          ·          Press antivirus software version.

          ·          Ready to uninstall outdated version.

          ·          Tap Restart Now when you want to restart your computer device.

          ·          Restart Required.

          ·          After restarting, the installation will start and wait for your serial number.

Step 4) Serial Number

          ·          Type in your serial number, and then tap next.

Step 5) License Agreement

          ·          Go through the License Agreement, and then press Agree and Renewal.

Step 6) Renewal / Installation

          ·          Rest for the program to install. This may take a few minutes of time.

             Step 7) Confirmation

          ·          Click Finish.

          ·          You will get the main console of your security program.

      The above written instructions are quite straightforward. If you are looking for a technical support service, users can simply reach Pctech24 to get Technical Support . The customer service provided by the Pctech24 is a non-technical person to easily perform the renewal and installation of the antivirus. 


Trend Micro Technical Support Services is one of the leading and most professional technical support providers in the industry. It's a cutting edge on-site and off-site computer support company based in Australia, but has its offices spread all over the world from Australia. It has a well-educated team of more than a hundred technical professionals. The 24x7 / 365 technical support for all troubles related to PCs, anti-viruses, software, and hardware too.


Some of our remarkable features at Pctech24 are:

• Remote access - Our remote access facility easily fixes PC technical concerns in front of your eyes.

• 24x7 Technical Support - We are always ready to provide our customers with technical support services .

• Technical Experts - Our Technical Experts' team assures a smooth working of your PC.   

PcTech24 Trend Micro Technical Support Service includes:    

       ·          Trend Micro Anti-Virus for Trend Micro AntiVirus.     

       ·          Trend Micro Technical Support to decide Antivirus Product Key activation errors.  

       ·          Trend Micro Support for activation, as well as renewal of your antivirus product key.      

       ·          Trend Micro Technical Support to install, renewal, and activation of Trend Micro Antivirus product key.  

        ·          Trend Micro Technical Support for your Trend Micro Anti-Virus Product key Account activation, install and renewal.  


        ·          Trend Micro Technical Support to install, renewal, and activate antivirus Product key activation.