How to fix the ‘Trend Micro Security Scan Hangs’ Issue?  

Trend Micro Security Software usually hang up while executing a quick scan. Then, reading this article will be beneficial for you. It is provided by the experienced Trend Micro Support professionals to help you in fixing the antivirus scan overhang issue.

What's The Issue?

The users complain that their Trend Micro Antivirus is getting up and trying to find the unprotected passwords. And when they try to run the trend PC health checkup that is up. After that, when they attempt to turn on their PC, the device automatically starts scanning and does not stop. Trend Micro is hanging up. Trying to break the process.       

What are the causes?

  • High CPU or memory usage
  • The file which is being scanned at present may be locked or corrupted

How can the 'Trend Micro Security Scan Hang' issue be fixed? 

Trend Micro Customer Support techies: In order to fix the issue, you have to proceed with the following steps . 

Step 1: Press the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

             A 'Task Manager' wants to appear on your system's screen

Step 2: Choose the 'Quick / Full Malware Scan in Progress' option from the 'Task Manager' located under the 'Applications' tab

Step 3: Click the 'End Task' option.

Step 4: In the warning window stating that "This program is not responding", click on the option 'End Now'.

Step 5: In case the scan does not stop, perform the following:


·          On the 'Task Manager', click the 'Processes' tab.

·          Choose any example of the uiWinMgr.exe file and then click the option 'End Process'.


Step 6: Restart your PC & run the scan once again.

Step 7: Check out that the scan wants to finish properly.



If your security scan silent limbo even after executing all of the aforementioned steps, then consulting the reliable Trend Micro Antivirus Support professionals will be the best option. Thesis technically prurient experts own experience of many years that is sufficient for instant fixation of such sort of issues. Call these specialists on the toll-free Trend Micro Phone Support Number - 1800 83 24 24 or in order to get the wanted help.