How Can You Check If Norton Security Is Not Working?

Norton Antivirus has been an excellent security software from last many years and if we talk about its latest versions, then they all are designed in such a manner that they can run & perform their duty in the background thus allowing the users to continue with their tasks at the foreground.  

One more qualitative features of this Norton Antivirus software is that it runs even when the computer, laptop system is idle so that the users don’t have to compromise their systems’ performance and speed while using other applications. This advance security program keeps on monitoring the entire computer for detection of known or unknown viruses, malwares, spywares, rootkits and many other kinds of threats in order to make sure that the files and applications of the system are actually secure.


But some viruses & malwares are so tricky and dangerous that they can secretly attack your computer & shut down the scanning process thus leaving the device vulnerable to online threats.    

Hence sometimes the Norton Antivirus works in such a way that you need to check whether it is actually running on your computer or not and then you have to restart the software.


So if your Antivirus software is also behaving in an unexpected manner then in order to avoid the risks, it is recommended to check whether the program is actually working or not. If you are a simple user (not a tech savvy) then it is very common to be unaware of the procedure of checking. But don’t fear when we (Norton Antivirus Customer Support professionals of PC Experts Help) are here, means you can easily carry out this procedure just by following the simple and useful steps provided below by our expert technicians. The steps to perform this procedure are already experimented at the lab to check the effectiveness and founded successful.        


Steps to check whether the Norton Antivirus software is working or not


Follow the below steps carefully and accordingly to execute the above stated procedure:


·         Firstly go through the Windows System Tray to see whether the ‘Norton Logo’ is visible or not. This will signifies whether the software is running or not.

·         If in case the ‘Norton Logo’ is not visible on the Windows System Tray then you are recommended to restart your computer system. Check once again if it is displayed now or not. There might be chances that the ‘System Tray’ icon can disappear after utilizing the operating system for long.


Note: Sometimes it depends on the Windows’ version installed on your computer.


·         Now, perform a right click on the Windows Task Bar and then choose the ‘Properties’ option. After that go to the ‘task bar’ & pick ‘Customize’ menu option. Select the option ‘Always show’ which is present next to Norton Antivirus software icon & status in the task bar.

·         By selecting the ‘Program’ icon on the desktop of your system you have to access the ‘Norton Control Panel’ or you can also choose from ‘All Programs’ sub menu and then from the Start menu on your device.

Here you will notice a ‘white tick mark with a green background’ along with a word ‘Secure’ displaying if the Norton Antivirus application is online.



Now if you are facing any problem while executing ‘check whether the antivirus software is working or not’ process with help of the above steps. You can directly get in touch with our Norton Antivirus Customer Support team of experienced and highly-qualified technicians who will instruct you through the entire procedure. Simply drop a call at our Norton Support Number – 1800-012-720 to contact the expert technicians and discuss your concerns directly with them. You can contact us at any time (day or night, Sunday or Monday, etc.) as we are available round the clock to serve you. Apart from the aforementioned procedure and issues in it, you can also contact our experts for other problems associated with Norton Antivirus. Rely us and contact our professionals at least once to receive reliable and effectual Norton Customer Help Services, we ensure that you will not be disappointed.   

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