Guidelines on fixing paper jam issues on Printer shared by HP Support experts

HP is a well-known brand that deals in manufacturing quality products. Printers are one of the best products and millions of people around the globe. There are many versions of the printers available in the market. It depends on your personal choice and needs to know which version you want to pick. There are times when the printers come across errors and issues which can not be put right by us. For them, a professional help is always necessary. Whenever you come across any sort of technical issue, it is wise to connect with the HP Support experts. One of the most common issues people come across is paper jams. This is a technical issue and it can be a tricky job. For this, you can contact the professionals available at HP Technical Support.


You can simply dial HP Tech Support . Let's just go through the guidelines shared by the HP Support experts for overcoming paper jams issue.


Sometimes, there is paper stuck at the printer saying the paper is jam. To solve this issue, it is necessary to follow steps:

      ·          Unplug the printer from power and wait for a minute and restart the printer.

      ·          Never pull the paper out of a jam in the opposite direction.

      ·          As per HP Support executives , now there is no loose paper stuck in the loading tray.

      ·          You can take out the paper roller and clean paper roller using a soft cloth.

      ·          Try moving the print head to the left and restart the printer and check this work.

      ·          Now, restart the PC or the device that you are trying to print with.


Clean and re-insert ink cartridges:

      ·          Firstly, take the ink cartridge and clean it. Cleaning print head works to solve the issue.

      ·          Ensure that the print cartridge can move freely.

      ·          Now, again, restart everything (printer & device) and cancel every print job. Now, see if this works and fix the paper job.


Tips to prevent jams:

      ·          As per the HP Tech Support executives, do not overload the paper because of this.

      ·          Now, clean the printer and many times.

      ·          Ensure that your printer paper is suitably inserted into the paper slot or tray.


So, these are just some of the basic tips to follow when the issue jam comes up. This will give birth to other complications as well. With it, be aware and call the experts at HP Tech Support Number. The HP Customer Support experts remain available 24 * 7 to guide you in achieving the desired solutions. So, get in contact with the renowned tech experts and get 100% results in return.