How to Troubleshoot the Errors that Appears at Startup of Norton?

The digital world where we are living today is full of uncertainty. Though the rapidly advancing technology has made us to live a luxurious life but all along with risk of several threats. The wide range of technically designed gadgets makes our day to day tasks easier & enjoyable, but the other side says that even a small technical fault, error in the same device can spoil our complete enjoyment. Most of the issues are due to the infections and attacks possessed by any kind of malicious program. So in order to avoid such technical glitches by keeping our computers safe from all types of viruses, worms, spywares, malwares, and other malicious programs, we require an excellent security program. And when we talk about utmost security suites, what’s best then a Norton Antivirus. In today’s digital market where everyone is running at a rapid speed in order to attain the top-most position, Norton by providing advanced features holding and latest technology based security products such as Norton 360, Antivirus, Internet Security has won the race. All the three versions are founded best in fulfilling almost each and every expectations of the customers and thus have achieved a great place in their hearts.            


Annoying Fact

However, your lovable Norton Security products provide a tough protection shield but alike other applications these programs are also not completely free from technical bugs & issues. There are number of errors that have been reported by the Norton users, some may occur at the time of installation, few appears while installation and some can take place even after installation.


Issue Occurrence 

The issue “Error in Startup of Norton” about which we will discuss today occurs when your security product restarts.   



One of the main reason that results in this issue can be the Norton’s Update.



The users who are interested in fixing the issue are recommended to carefully follow the instructions provided below or contact Norton Antivirus Tech Support experts to avail the instant and trouble-free help.


Follow the best steps given below to fix the technical issue of Norton Antivirus at Startup:

Option 1: Restart the PC

Step 1: First of all, you are required to exit all the programs

Step 2: After that, you are needed to restart your PC


Option 2: Download & Run the Norton Remove & Reinstall (NRnR) Tool

Step 1: You are required to start with downloading of the Norton Remove & Reinstall (NRnR) Tool

Step 2: Now you have to save the downloaded file onto your system’s desktop. On some browsers, there is no need to save the file as it is automatically saved to its default location

Step 3: Now by pressing the “Ctrl + j key” on the keyboard, you should open the ‘Downloads’ window in your browser

Step 4: Here you are needed to double-click the Norton Remove & Reinstall (NRnR) icon

Step 5: At this step, the license agreement will appear on your system’s display, read it carefully and then proceed by clicking on “Agree” for further preference

Step 6: Once all the above steps are followed properly, click on “Remove & Reinstall”

Step 7: Click on “Continue or Remove”

Step 8: Click on ‘Restart Now’ button

Step 9: Once the system restarts, proceed by following the instructions appearing on your screen to reinstall your Norton Security


The aforementioned steps are easy to follow; still if you face any kind of issues or have difficulty in executing/ understanding them, don’t feel embarrass and call on Norton Support Phone Number – 1800-012-720 to get connect with certified technical experts. The helpline service is toll-free, well-managed and congestion-free which provide instant, free of cost and wait –free connection with the professionals. And the engineers are experienced, verified, and highly-qualified who deliver best possible customer help services because of their long-term proficiency in dealing with all sorts of technical glitches related to any of the (Norton 360, Antivirus or Internet Security)’s installation, activation, set up, configuration, update, upgrade, renewal, etc. In addition to these processes, the specialists have expertise in instant detection and removal of almost all viruses, worms, spywares, ad-wares, malwares, and many other malicious programs.            

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